Welcome to Exciting Press, where I hope you’ll find your new favorite stories by your new favorite authors, mainly because they’re all my favorite stories by my favorite authors.

You can explore authors by name here on the site, or you can click here for what’s up on Kindle. You’ll find novels and novellas and short stories and poetry and academic criticism (which is not actually criticism of academia so much as commentary on classic literature, and which I explain because it doesn’t sound that way).

Who am I? I’m Will Entrekin, and I founded Exciting Press from my desk in 2010. Though I technically did so from very close to New York City, Exciting Press is neither a New York nor a corporate publisher. We’re a nano-press that lives on a Mac mini not a whole lot bigger than a hockey puck, a handful of servers, and whatever you read stories on — whether that’s your Kindle Paperwhite or iPad or smartphone.

What to do while you’re here:

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