Wisdom Tree

Praise for Nick Earls’ Wisdom Tree novellas:

This smart, precise, and beautiful novella reads like an emotional time bomb. Everything is quiet at first, then comes a slow build of tension, and then comes a strange ticking sound, and then — BOOM — suddenly your heart blows up. You can’t write better than this. It’s simply perfect. – Elizabeth Gilbert (Big Magic, Eat Pray Love) on Gotham

The five brilliant parts of Wisdom Tree are notable for how each concludes with a sense of possibilities yet to come, with a resounding and moving open-endedness. For all that the novella form is no longer as familiar as once it was, Earls has created a triumphant and extraordinary piece of fiction within an only apparently modest compass. – Sydney Morning Herald

Superbly written, Wisdom Tree is the accessible form for twenty-first century time poor, screen devoted readers. – Debbish.com

One of Earls’s strengths as a writer of fiction is his sharp observation of domestic detail; ­another is his keen awareness of how our cultural life intermingles with the quotidian reality of family routine. – The Australian

Somebody buy Australian writer Nick Earls a drink. Or better still, hand him another prize (although he already has a bunch), because he has written THE MOST PERFECT NOVELLA IN THE HISTORY OF THE FORMAT . . . Gotham is a literary gem of the highest grade. – North & South Magazine