About Will Entrekin

Hey it’s me! It’s like those old Hair Club for Men commercials; I’m not just Exciting Press’ publisher, but also an author.

Seriously, though, you’re reading this because when I was twelve years old, I finished Stephen King’s Needful Things and realized I’m a writer.

And here I am.

By day I live in Pittsburgh and have a day job I love. By night I fight crime on the mean streets of Gotha–

No wait. Sorry. That’s Batman.

By night I do what you’re reading.

I’ve lived a lot of places and had a bunch of jobs, but Pittsburgh and this one are my favorite. I have a wife who is also my editrix, two dogs, two cats, and too many pens and works in progress — this site is basically one more. The ones by my name here are finished, though!

I’m a novelist who dabbles in other forms. I mention this because while I’m proud of everything I’ve published, my heart’s in my novels. And other authors’ novels, for that matter.