Celebrating Independence with No Expectations

Earlier today, the third installment of Miya Kressin’s sizzling novelĀ No Expectations, “No Tears When We Leave,” published on Amazon. You can see the preview below, and purchase it via the preview if you haven’t already.

You can also get the full novel now, for just $2.99. That’s the special during-serialization sale price for all the early adopters; after the fifth (and final) installment goes live, the full novel will go up to its regular price $4.99.

I’m really excited this timing aligned as it did. As America celebrated its independence, so too can authors by working together to operate well away from the corporate environment, working toward better contracts, royalties, and terms.

And the fireworks in the sky might be over, but if you want some more, well, look no further than Jewel and Reed inĀ No Expectations: