Ring of Years

Natalie Krill is driven by many things, but first among them is justice.

As a child, Natalie was one of a few survivors of a standoff between federal agents and a cult who abducted her. As an adult, she struggles to cope with the memories of that fateful night and put her past behind her – until the story of a missing girl starts her on a journey into her own past.

In her quest to save the girl, Natalie will find herself trying to convince the authorities and investigative press that there’s more to the girl’s story. To do so, she will have to make connections others either can’t or aren’t willing to – and confront both a past she would sooner forget and a man she would sooner leave to rot in memory and in prison.

But time is running out.

Because the cult is back. And Natalie must act quickly if she wants to save the missing girl from a dark, wet death.

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